The Automatic Hate premieres at SXSW this weekend!

The film is directed by Justin Lerner, produced by Alix Madigan and Lacey Leavitt, and stars Joseph Cross (Lincoln, Milk, Running with Scissors) and Adelaide Clemens (Rectify, The Great Gatsby, Parade's End).  Our world premiere is this Sunday, March 15.  Congrats to all involved ... we'll be there in spirit, cheering.

The film, set to premiere at SXSW, features a strong cast including Adelaide Clemens, Richard Schiff, Deborah Ann Woll and Ricky Jay.
— Indiewire

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Meet the Cast of Everything Before Us

Wong Fu Productions' Everything Before Us will be released in 2015.  If you haven't already, check out Wong Fu on Youtube where they have over 2 million subscribers.      

Directed by Wesley Chan and Philip Wang, the film stars Aaron Yoo (Disturbia, Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist), Brittany Ishibashi (Eagle Eye, November), Brandon Soo Hoo (Ender's Game, Tropic Thunder) and Victoria Park (Cavemen, Jilted) as two couples dealing with a new government agency created to help foster and secure relationships.  

Time Magazine ran a story from the set of Everything Before Us during filming:

Creating the score for 1915

The lead singer of System of a Down (Serj Tankian) discusses making the music for the film 1915, set to release next month on the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

“I think ‘1915’ is a really interesting, unique drama that deals with a unique topic that hasn’t been dealt with in films. For me the film deals with the Diasporan effect of trauma—of loss. There’s no film that’s dealt with that. Maybe it’s personal, but the message of loss—the pain of loss– is very universal. ‘1915’ does that in a very artistic way,” said Tankian who explained that he has been working on the score for months and describes the music as “orchestral, piano and very authentic instrument-based” with elements of surprise, horror and mystery.

“1915” is the feature film debut of writer-directors Garin Hovannisian and Alec Mouhibian. Together with producer Terry Leonard (“Before I Disappear,” “Cold Comes the Night,” “Amira & Sam,” “Hounddog”) and an international cast including Simon Abkarian (“Casino Royale,” “The Cut,” “Gett”), Angela Sarafyan (“The Immigrant,” “Twilight”), Sam Page (“Mad Men,” “House of Cards”), Nikolai Kinski (“Aeon Flux”), and Jim Piddock (HBO’s “Family Tree,” “The Prestige”), “1915” was filmed on location in Los Angeles, with the production companies Bloodvine Media and Strongman announcing last week that the film will debut this year.
— Asbarez

BURYING THE EX Gets Distribution

This was a fun movie to cast ... coming this summer to a theater or device near you.

Image Entertainment has acquired the Joe Dante horror comedy Burying The Ex and will give it a multiplatform release of theaters and VOD in the summer. Alan Trezza-scripted pic stars Anton Yelchin, Ashley Greene, and Alexandra Daddario. Pic premiered at Venice. Yelchin plays a nice guy with an overbearing girlfriend (Greene). She gets worse when they move in, and he’s relieved when she dies in an accident and he meets someone nicer (Daddario). Trouble is, his dead ex returns as a zombie who doesn’t want to give him up and she was a lot more charming as a Twilight Saga vampire.
— Deadline

EVELYN (Ashley Greene) confronts ZAK (Anton Yelchin)


Christopher Plummer joins PIXIES, soundtrack to include music from Michael Buble

Oscar Winner Christopher Plummer has joined PIXIES, along with Alexa Vega and Bill Paxton.  The soundtrack will include music from multiple Grammy Winner Michael Buble.  PIXIES will be directed by Sean O'Reilly.

PIXIES is based on the Arcana graphic novel.  The Vancouver-based Arcana also produced the animated feature.  Arcana has already begun preproduction on their next animated feature film, HOWARD LOVECRAFT & THE FROZEN KINGDOM.

An auto-mechanic, cursed by a Pixie that emerges from his pin-up calendar, must find a way to get the girl of his dreams back.