Catch the New Wave!

The Hollywood Reporter recently featured Everything About Us as a game-changer for the new distribution model for films with built-in online audiences.  Big congrats to everyone at Wong Fu Productions, Philip, Wesley, Ted, Chris, and Christine.  And don't forget to download from Vimeo starting June 3rd! 

Wong Fu considered courting theatrical distributors on the festival circuit, but other indie filmmakers pointed out to them that they didn’t necessarily need help finding an audience for their movie. “Our fans are already online, they’re in front of their screens, so why not bring the movie to them there?” Chan says.

“In the timespan [since the first attempt in 2008], crowdfunding became a thing, and streaming content has become so normal as well,” Wang tells The Hollywood Reporter. “There’s been a culture shift. That enabled us to say that now is the time.”
— Hollywood Reporter